I let things come to me

Art: Acrylic on canvas by Amanda Lux

I am full of deep divides

my life

my body.

I am the container for the water within me.

I am made to hold the liquid of eternity

to let life flow through me.

Each day I grow older, wiser

I bow down a little deeper to life’s precarious way

of giving and taking.

I am in awe of my mortality.

I am a fleeting ever changing vessel subject to great forces and mysteries

with tragedies carved intricately throughout my being.

I am a vast network of tributaries and every one of my scars leads to the sea that made me.

Let us all return to our vaster knowing,

praise the depths

that only pain can carve

into the sacred geological landscapes of our bodies.

Honor the hard work of our personal excavations, too.

Each ditch or well, a labor of self-love, necessity, humility.

We are not here to go unscathed, to stay pristine and clean.

We are here to get muddy. To be cracked open ever deeper

ever wider

so that as we increase our depths so grows our capacity

to hold the space,

to remain receptive,

to listen actively,

to flow abundantly

towards, around and through every obstacle.

Like the water let us sneak through every crack

always seeking union with the moon through gravity

let us be pulled in the direction of our dreams


I want to be the vessel that holds this life force energy

and I want to float atop in totally serenity.

Ever opening my cracks without drying up.

let me long without need,

be full of hope and patience equally.

This is how I let things come to me.


Amanda Lux

is the Co-creator alongside Kelly Watkins, of the Elevation Hive School of Energy Medicine. They have over 20 years of combined experience holding impeccable space for thousands of individuals to find healing, inspiration, and powerful transformation.

Amanda is an artist, teacher and polarity practitioner with a successful private healing practice in Olympia, WA. She is a mother of two, a polarity life coach, hypnotherapist and Conscious DreamWork teacher who is devoted to sharing her gifts with as many wise souls as possible.

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Amanda Lux