Polarity Therapy

What Polarity means to me…

Polarity is one of the most comprehensive and holistic systems of healing today. Rooted in the principals of energy medicine, Polarity is uniquely integrative in that it is energy work in the most ancient sense of “laying on of hands” yet it is so much more due to the broad scope of it’s founder, Dr. Randolph Stones’ research and study into Hermetic, Ayurvedic, naturopathic and osteopathic methods. His own dedication to understanding and mapping the process of the evolution of the soul through the body and consciousness is the life pulse of this work.

Polarity captivated me from my very first introductory class and has continued to be my central passion since 2003. Polarity therapy combines all the things I love into one modality; yoga, nutrition, bodywork, energy work and energetic counseling all seen through the lens of the elemental matrix of the chakra system. My passion for polarity is deep and profound because the work itself happens within the great mystery that is ever changing, requiring an openness to listen to the truth of the moment and to meet every client as a whole and perfect being regardless of where they are or what is presenting.

Polarity has taught me how to listen deeply. Beyond words being spoken, I have learned to listen for the story beneath the story, to listen to the energy and how it feels in my own body and in the field. I listen to the room and the environment for clues and information, gathering images and insights. I listen to the ancestors and healing guides who are in the space. I listen to the elements and how they manifest. I hold space for my clients, body mind and soul and I reflect their own innate healing wisdom through all that I hear, see, feel, sense. As a sacred witness, I facilitate the process of bringing to consciousness patterns of dis-ease so they can return to right alignment by reflecting what is whole and right within each client. My teachers said to me once that in Polarity the session truly begins to unfold when the client walks out the door and into their life. The way I see it, I am in the business of opening doors to free up the energy, inviting new possibilities and holding space for the truth of our unlimited capacity to heal.

As a Polarity practitioner, I have had the opportunity to practice and embody these sacred teachings, which for me induced a series of profound initiatory experiences leading me through my own process of awakening that is ever unfolding. I see this work as a method of attunement to the souls highest purpose and truth. Receiving polarity sessions and participating in the trainings changed my life every time and I experience healing every day I work with clients. It is a great honor to do this work with others, and my deepest wish is to spend my life studying and sharing this incredible system of healing with the world.

Polarity therapy might seem a bit mysterious to many, so I made this short video describing what polarity is and why I love it so!

Dana Asper