Polarity Life Coaching

Polarity Life Coaching can be done online using Zoom (a free video conferencing platform), over the phone or in person.

I became a certified Transformational Life Coach through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in 2016 because I have always loved doing coaching work with my clients on the side, and I decided to finally make it an official offering on the menu. There is nothing I love more than empowering you to untangle a tricky thought cycle, energetic or behavioral pattern, or challenging life obstacle so that you can achieve your wildest dreams and intentions.

I have a million and one coaching specific tools including writing exercises, guided visualizations, and a variety of classic and creative assessments and exercises but I believe the backbone of every session comes from the communication branch of Polarity Therapy. Polarity therapy is a holistic healing modality that focuses on how your energy is flowing and helps to get it moving when it isn’t. As science is well aware, form follows energy which means that all conditions arise from the subtler level of things. This goes for your emotions, mental patterns, physical health, as well as the events and circumstances you attract or repel in your life. It is this deeper listening to what is beyond your words, to the energetic conditions that are also presenting, that superpowers any coaching session.

Coaching can also include active dream journey work, creative play, movement or even bodywork. I am always happy to integrate any tool in my toolbox and approach all matters as holistically as possible. You can do a single exploratory session, but Life Coaching in my opinion works best when it is done in a series of sessions over an agreed upon amount of time with a specific goal in mind. In this way I can offer more accountability and support to see you through your transformative journey.

The structure is always up to the unique needs of the client and my availability, but I am happy to customize a package that works for you.

Life coaching can work to empower and support you with:

*Creating health and vitality in your body, mind and life

*Developing and managing intuition and sensitivities

*Spiritual growth/ self development

*Working with spirit/animal guides

*Conscious entrepreneurship/ manifesting abundantly

*Energetic boundaries

*Life transitions

*Overcoming fear and anxiety

*Making allies with pain, illness or death

*Balancing masculine/feminine energies

*Knowing your muse and sharing your artistic brilliance

*Understanding dreams and nightmares

*Empowered decision making/ goal setting

*Getting un-stuck and clearing the way to your path!

Specific coaching packages I offer:

  1. Laser coaching sessions: One to three sessions to help you hone in on the exact nature of your goal or issue. Clear the blockages, take right action, see immediate and lasting results.

  2. Six session package to be competed within several months time: This package begins with an exploratory session that may or may not involve tarot, active dreaming or intuitive guidance to arrive at a specific goal. Five of the six sessions will be working through each of the elements or chakras starting with Ether and ending with Earth followed by an integration or follow up session. This is a great package for someone looking to manifest a particular condition or goal. Bring your personal growth, project, relationship or career goal from vision into form.

  3. Six month coaching/ mentorship: A more well established coaching relationship can greatly benefit you if you are looking to make a bigger life transition or need more consistent and ongoing support to achieve your life goals and mission. If you are ready to birth a creative project into the world or make a commitment to your dreams, it can be an intelligent choice to be as resourced as possible and to be held accountable and supported to bring your best life to fruition.

  4. Six month, year long (or longer) mentorship opportunities: develop intuitive skills, bodywork or energy work skills, a meditation or movement practice, or a life path that resonates with your highest potential with impeccable support, love and guidance along the way..

    Regardless of the amount of support you need, I am honored to curate the right path for and with you. I am so honored to support you to the best of my ability, to empower you to take concrete steps toward self-realization and the manifestation of your goals, visions, and dreams. 

All coaching sessions are currently priced at a sliding scale: $100-$210/ hr. I am happy to make payment plans and to work with you to make it a sustainable investment. Prices are subject to increase on a yearly basis but I will always honor the price you originally start with.

If you are interested in exploring a package or ongoing mentorship then I am more than happy to schedule a free 20 minute phone or video consult to make sure we are a good match. I also encourage a single exploratory or laser coaching session to start out with.

If you are interested in a coaching package you may schedule online or email me at amandalux@earthinheart.com with an inquiry. I may be able to fit you in my schedule sooner. I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

“I highly recommend Amanda as a life coach. She's a very good listener. She helped guide me to deeper issues and questions that contributed to my feelings and worry about a life transition. She balanced very practical advice along with a deeper, spiritual understanding of my dilemma. She's very solutions oriented.

I was impressed by Amanda's ability to sense my deeper feelings underlying the questions I was considering with her. It was very helpful for me to understand that connection.

I think life coaching is useful for getting perspective on situations in life where you feel stuck, when it feels hard to put good ideas into action, or when you find yourself repeating negative thought or behavior patterns.

Im very grateful for the insights she helped me uncover and I look forward to more sessions with her!”

- K. Byrd

“Amanda Lux is an amazing life coach! I am blown away. She has a way of putting you at ease; her listening skill and targeted block- removing techniques were spot on for me. Her session reached me at a level of Soul that I totally did not expect. The results were quick and abiding-- totally impressed by Amanda's natural and trained ability in this arena. Her compassion alongside her knowledge base is outstanding. Wow-- what a super-charged experience!”
Janene Cummings, Northern CA

Amanda Lux