Intuitive Guidance

In every modality I use in my practice and pretty much in all aspects of my life, intuition is my greatest resource. In other words, there is no session that is not infused with intuitive guidance when it is welcomed into the space.

That said, not everyone is interested in knowing what my guides, or their guides have to say, and not everyone is comfortable with the fact that there are many realms and realties beyond the tangible one we generally operate in. Which is completely fine! I do not feel the need to impose my own perspective on anyone and I appreciate it when others give me the same respect.

If you are interested in booking a session that is specifically or more oriented around the deeper intuitive insights and modalities that access them directly, I encourage you to let me know regardless of what kind of work or session you choose to receive.

One does not have to be aware of or comfortable in these realms in order to receive a powerful and impactful session based on intuitive guidance. One does not have to believe in such things to get benefit from them.

But I generally only go there on request.

If you would like to invite a deeper layer of exploration into your session that relies more heavily on intuitive guidance, I will happily meet you there.

If you would like a session based solely on intuitive guidance there are many ways this could look. Some of my favorites are:

  1. Elemental tarot readings using the Thoth tarot deck.

    I spent over five years studying tarot under the guidance of the amazing Pamela Norris who has taught and read tarot for more decades than I have been alive. I am deeply grateful to her for her patience, good humor and impeccable wisdom. I will probably always be a student of the tarot and I absolutely love using it for resource and guidance around specific life issues. Tarot is especially helpful when you are looking to gain clarity or insight around a particular question, but it can also be useful when beginning a new path or endeavor, or when you are trying to bring closure to an old pattern. Tarot readings can be done online using Zoom (a free video conferencing tool) or in person. A recording of the session is always included if you would like.

  2. Active dream journey work

    I love holding space for clients to explore their own dreams and dream states but sometimes we need outside perspective in order to move through a challenge or healing crisis. In cases of deep set patterns or confusion, when chronic issues are not easily resolved, it can be extremely helpful to have someone go on a journey on your behalf. I would be honored to explore this with you if you feel called.

  3. Integrative intuitive dialogue

    There are times when I do not leave the chair with my clients. Meaning, we never actually make it to the table for bodywork. By tuning into my own body empathically, and guiding my clients to do the same, there arises a conversation that reveals energetic patterns which set healing in motion. This can happen either from the chair or the table, but dialogue is the key component of moving the process along. Often when it comes to working on the table, energy begins to move and unwind. This is where polarity and craniosacral therapy come in handy. Any and all modalities may be integrated at this time. Alternately, the session can remain in the chair allowing the conversation to instigate the insights and aha moments. My objective is always to hold space for the intent of the client. I see my role as being that of a facilitator and sacred witness, so that you may find resolution in areas of your body and life that have been stuck or to create space where there has been constriction. Immense healing can occur this way and it is, in my opinion much more powerful to arrive at our own insights than it is to rely solely on anther person to give us theirs.

  4. Energy exercises and healing through play

    Energy exercises are an integral part of Polarity therapy. They include physical exercises, mudras, mantras, sounding, tuning forks, applied kinesiology, tapping, drumming, humming, yelling… you name it. Many polarity exercises are derived from yoga or other body centered practices. They can be ancient and specific, or personal, even improvisational.

    This can be serious or it can be playful. There is nothing I love more than meeting my clients in their unlimited creative potential. Playing with energy is no short cut to doing our deepest work. It is sometimes the only way to get to the heart of the thing that ails you.

    What does this look like?

    The sky is not the limit, did you know? The universe is infinite and so are the ways you get to your deepest healing. There are innumerable ways to play with energy. Intuitive development relies on strengthening the imagination. Perhaps you are looking to strengthen your own abilities to work with energy in yourself or others. Or perhaps you have something specific you want to work through physically, emotionally, or spiritually. There are no confines to the way a session has to look other than the ones we make up (based on our unique requirements for safety and healthy boundaries of course).

    If you would like to book a session specifically to explore the healing powers of creativity, it is good for me to know in advance and I will come prepared. As an artist I have many supplies I could bring. Painting, drawing, working with clay, making music, free writing, or rolling around on the floor laughing can be incredible medicine.

    This can be done one or one or in a group setting by request.

  5. Energetic nutrition

    Energetic nutrition is a branch of polarity therapy that deals both with healing our relationship to food, and to the life events we must metabolize in order to be our clearest selves. A session based on energetic nutrition can rely heavily on intuitive guidance as I assist you in evaluating which foods and or supplements or life circumstances are supporting or hindering your energetic flow and personal development and evolution. You might choose to bring your supplements into my office or if we are working online, into the session. Or we can look at a food map together. We may tune into your digestive system and find out where the energy is flowing or blocked. It can also involve processing verbally or through body and energy work, your relationship to food.

    Each element or chakra has a food group associated with it, and it can be helpful to use food as a tool to balance your energy body. It is important to note that I am not a certified nutritionist or a naturopathic Dr. so I do not diagnose or prescribe certain foods, supplements or diets based on anything other than energy, common sense and intuitive guidance. I may reflect to you what is working or not working in your life and help you make a plan based on the capacity of different foods to assist in energetic balancing. Or we may process the blocked energy around your relationship to food, thereby freeing you up to break out of unhealthy patterns. There are many ways to approach an energetic nutrition session, depending on your particular issues and intentions.

Amanda Lux