Active Dreaming is a method of engaging in life on multiple levels. Dreaming is not only some passive activity we do while we are asleep. There are many states of consciousness available if we are willing to tap into them. In a dreamwork session, I hold space for my clients to go on their own conscious dream journey and gather the medicine they need for their body or life. DreamWork also includes our night dreams and daydreams as well. I love to empower my clients to create their own relationship to dreaming, and to cultivate a practice around listening to their dreams which builds intuition and helps to provide guidance, clarity and healing. I will also journey for my clients simultaneously or separately upon request. Often this involves drumming but it doesn’t have to. As shamans from indigenous cultures across the globe and throughout history have known, we journey to make contact with the land, our ancestors, our guides, but most of all ourselves. This method of dreamwork does not require any prerequisites or magical properties that you do not already possess. Dreaming is your birthright and anyone who dreams has access to profound guidance and healing. I trained with Robert Moss as an Active Dream Teacher and offer private sessions, group work and classes.

Amanda Lux