For the creator in you

There is an unbelievable resource within you. 
It goes so far beyond what you can possibly conceive- it is limitless. 
Unfathomably glorious
Existing in the creative unconscious. 
It is your birthright to access this.

(because we are made for delighting in simple things
                yet as seekers, we are complex and curious. 
We are made to revel in our own light 
                where endless skies fly us home and
We are made to be wary of the dark, 
                and still venture out alone
into the great unknown 
inside us.

To deep sea dive into our own vast depths
Where creatures wait to devour us
Creatures who are also us.

We are made to harvest our fears with willful vigor
To go towards instead of shrink away

War cries
Make believe

We are made to revel in the undefinable.
Where we are wild 
         beneath our pleasantries
Where we dare to push the boundaries.

We have edges
that compel us. 
We have rage that frightens us.
We have tragedies that do not define us. 

All useful fodder for the creations inside us.

For what we have to bring forth
Is greater than us. )

This infinite resource you have access to 
is seeking you. 
What you long for
longs for you 
      you are the vessel
      the channel.
You are the way to bring it through.
You are the creator 
and the creation too.

Amanda Lux