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Do you want more energy, better sleep, less stress and relief without harmful chemicals?

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Do you want effective wellness solutions that are good for your family and the planet?

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Learn how to use essential oils in your daily life and share them with others.

Benefits of Essential Oils for Family Health

Essential oils can offer many benefits for your family's health. They are easy to use and beautiful in their application.  These natural, plant based oils supportyour body’s inherent and amazing ability to maintain health and wellness.

As the regenerative and protective life force of plants, these oils are highly concentrated and potent. They are often referred to as the “living essence” or "liquid immune system" of plants.

Plants and humans have evolved together throughout history. Plants provide oxygen for us to breathe, food for us to eat, and shelter for us to live, and much more. They are life supporting and necessary for our survival.

They work in harmony with the human body and can lend powerful, natural support to all of the body's systems, including the immune, respiratory, digestive, circulatory, and nervous systems.

Their natural aromatherapy benefits are truly a gift of nature.

Benefits of Essential Oils

They offer balance and support to the body and they present a wealth of benefits when it comes to family health.

As you try them out, you will discover countless ways to use them in your home, from fragrance, cleaning, baking, to healthy immune support for your you, your family, and even your pets.

Once you get started you will amazed at the variety of ways you can use essential oils. Just one single oil can provide a variety of uses and benefits!

You can use "single oils" and/or "oil blends" to support   

  • emotional well being

  • occasional nervousness and irritability

  • to promote peaceful sleep, rest and relaxation

  • for minor aches and pains encountered in daily life

  • for occasional muscle spasms

  • to relax muscles after exercise or a hard days work

  • promote sexual performance and vigor

  • maintain healthy cholesterol levels already in the normal range

  • maintain normal blood sugar levels

  • help with nausea

They are very supportive of the body, including support for healthy

  • immune

  • respiratory

  • nervous

  • and digestive systems

They also support

  • healthy muscle

  • bone

  • joint

  • and cartilage function

And they provide excellent support for healthy heart and lung function.

Due to their power and versatility, these concentrated oils, truly are cost efficient. A bottle of undiluted oil can last for months, even with daily use.

They are easily absorbed into the body. There is a big difference between "essential oils" and the "fatty oils" that come from vegetables and seeds, such as olive or sesame seed oil. Essential oils are not oily or greasy.

In fact they are highly volatile, meaning they evaporate very quickly. They are absorbed quickly through the skin, immediately bringing their health benefits throughout your body.

What is the advantage of buying the premium starter kit over the others?

well, the premium starter kit comes with 11 essential oils and the dewdrop diffuser. If you were to purchase all the oils separately and a $40 minimum membership separately, here is the breakdown of what you would pay wholesale (which is including 24% off retail):

5ml each of:

Thieves – 11.25

Copaiba – 14.33

Digize – 10.92

RC – 10.25

Lavender – 7.83

Peppermint – 7.17

Lemon – 3.75

Frankincense – 24.50 (IF you divide the big bottle by 3, but it sells for $40-$45) 

Stress Away – 9.92

Pan Away – 35.25

Purification – 6.25

Sample Cards – 3.50

sample bottles – 9.50

1 roller fitment – 1.20 

 JUST these items at the wholesale cost would be $170.25

Add in wholesale membership and you’re at $210.25 

Add in the Dew Drop Diffuser and you’re at $274.00 

This does not include any literature you receive with the kit as well. 

Many of these oils cannot be purchased in a 5ml size so it would be impossible to buy them in this way. 

 Thieves, Lavender Peppermint, Digize, Copaiba, Lemon, Stress Away, Purification would cost THREE TIMES AS MUCH AS LISTED! 

The savings of buying the Premium Starter kit is well over $114 off of the top!

(I got the above information on the price breakdown from here)



If you would like to buy and/ or sell your own oils you might be wondering...

how does it work?

In order to get a 24% discount on all oils and products that you purchase you only need to purchase the premium starter kit following the link above and you will become a “distributor”. If you only wish to purchase your own oils and you have no desire to make passive income sharing them with others, then it is still a better deal in the long run to become a distributor so you can receive this amazing discount.

If you would like to sell the oils or make money sharing the incredible health benefits of these oils with others, then it definitely makes sense for you to become a distributor. I would love to chat with you about this if you have any questions so please feel free to email me using the link below. I love these oils, I use them in my healing practice every day, in my home and with my family so I am always excited to talk about their benefits.